Sunday, February 28, 2010


what a ripoff!---what a scam!---what a con job!---talk about a burn!---grand theft!---larceny, inc.!---steal from the poor--give to the rich!

shady rotten things are going on--right under the nose--and eyes--of Interpol--Royal Canadian Mounted Police---Law agencies the world over---and nothing is done about it!

can you believe it?---I"m talking robberies!---ROBBERIES happening in broad daylight!---and the ROBBERS get away with it!

the robbers , by the way---are a quaint , tiny group called the "IOC" ---that owns--controls--and operates the Olympic Games---in a "feudal system" where they are the Lords and Masters---and athletes are the peasants!

hard to believe--in this era of High Tech---space stations--mephones--youphones--herphones--hisphones--iphones--stem cell therapy--cloning--------the Olympics are still a hangover from a bygone age---and the feudal IOC Lords and Masters seem very happy and quite content to let things stay as they are---and see no reason to change.

with Olympic Games earnings in the hundreds of millions of dollars---I can see why the IOC is happy with the way things are---hey, I'm glad they're making all that money!---they should be making tons of money!---and therein lies the problem.

IOC---FEUDAL MASTERS------100% of profits
athletes--feudal servants---0% of profits

IOC gets it all!
athletes get "zilch!"
where is the justice in that?

how would you like a store where you don't pay anything for the merchandise---all the inventory is free!---and the people who give you all these goods do it to show you how good it is and how many years they spent making it and how proud they are of it and walk away happy without a dime!

that's what the Olympics are all about---athletes brag to the world how good they are---and the IOC happily deposits all the profits in Swiss bank accounts!---they get the whole pie!

and the athletes---who are the heart and soul of the Olympic Games---these poor, struggling athletes who pushed their bodies to the ultimate in pursuit of physical perfection for most of their young lives---dreaming of Olympic Gold---all these athletes get is the privilege to lick the pie pan for a few crumbs that are left.

time to wake up, athletes---WAKE UP!------Kwayzar has the solution to this terrible, unfair dilemma!---it's that dirty old phrase---PROFIT SHARING!---YES--PROFIT SHARING!

but let's not get greedy---you just want a piece of the pie---the whole pie is too many calories--too fattening--and way to much sugar---no, just a tiny piece--like maybe 50%---that'd be fair.--Olympics take in 500 million---half of that is 250 million---then take the number of actual athletes participating in all the events---and split it evenly between all the winners and the losers!

that takes the Olympics out of the feudal system and into the 21st Century---and that rewards ALL THE ATHLETES for sacrificing everything they had to win---and make their families and country proud of them.

and that gives hope to future athletes---knowing they'll at least get something---even if they never win Gold or any medal---even if they never stand on the podium hearing their National Anthem played---willing to risk it all---even if they never catch "The Impossible Dream"---all these athletes have earned their share in it!

hey, IOC---are you listening?

you want the best Olympics?---the worlds greatest athletic extravaganza?-----you demand no less fron the athletes---well, we demand no less from you.

time to spread the wealth!

prove to the world that the International Olympics Committee---is every bit a champion like the athletes you represent!

hey, we really love you guys---but what's fair is fair!

and to be brutally honest---the Winter Olympics is no place for a SNOW JOB!

God Bless Sports!



  1. Good points raised herein, Kwayzar!

  2. I agree with that comment with all the passion in my heart!

  3. A big issue here, Mr. K. I'll have to study up on it more!