Saturday, February 6, 2010


TIGER WOODS---Poster Boy of Zen Koan

there are no winners

there are no losers

the mathematics of a Supreme Universe

everything evens out

variety is the spice of life---in TIGER's case--he abused the privilege. when variety gets to the point where even the word DICHOTOMY is in shock---crossing the River Styx is less of a hell than what TIGER's gonna be going thru!---and you won't need a Spelling Bee to sound out the meaning of a word--like trouble!---TIGER TROUBLE!---spelled : having a secret dalliance with a cocktail waitress. A COCKTAIL WAITRESS!---hey, maybe he got free drinks !---my motto: never trust a free drink---free drinks are like a mafia martini---when you least expect it, they come back and shove a fist of olives up your ass!---if there's toothpicks involved--it can be painful!---and cost plenty!

how about a marriage--a beautiful wife--two kids--a good chunk of a trillion dollar estate--fame and glory---yet it wasn't enough. TIGER took a bite of the Forbidden Apple and lo and behold!

---TIGER is expelled from the Garden of Eden by the Gods of economics and morality---taken down by a woman---and not just one---try 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-women!---oh wow!sexual encounters with 13 women!!!-----what!---another one popped up?---that makes 14!!!---OMG!-----where does he get the physical stamina to support this strenuous lifestyle and service a stable of 14 broads?

year round golf events--winning tournaments--personal appearances--jetting here--jetting there--all over the planet--hardly sleeping--eating tons of junk food--and yet TIGER still had the energy to knock off 14 women like bowling pins---wow!! wow!! wow!!

TIGER IS the BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!!!---who needs Wheaties?
we should have an awards show for Super Athletes: how many girls you can knock off in a month--and still score on the field--without staggering!-----you know, human interest stories.

it seems TIGER was under the spell of his own magical image---hey, remember the Bible?
Samson and Delilah---ring a bell?---Samson was no match ---and that was only one on one.
this guy's messing with 14 Delilahs!----14 harlots at last count---14!!!!!!

whatever you do, TIGER---DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR!!!-----and if you did---let it grow out QUICK!!!!!!QUICK!!!!!!QUICK!!!!!!


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