Monday, May 24, 2010

SNL--Tina Fey---"dejavu" propo3

it happened again---I can't believe it!---IT HAPPENED AGAIN!

this Sat. night (5--22-2010)---DEJAVU!---and so fast!

in living color---right in front of my eyes--SNL pops on the screen with the ever ebullient Tina Fey---the wit-snap-dragon-lady of comedy and 2 cohorts---tearing into Tiger Woods in a golf sketch that I wrote in my series on Tiger Woods--Too Big To Fail--Part 5.

This SNL show was a repeat of the original show done a few weeks ago--but the golf sketch was so funny--I guess Tina and crew had to do it again quick to keep the high laugh ratings going.

I understand--if you want the best laughs you go to the best comedy writer!---if it's a choice between laughs and silence---screw the ethics!---go for the belly laughs and keep denying the evil deed.

that's why Tina Fey is an off-beat genius!---what I'm saying is--the real genius in Tina Fey is the genius she has in finding the most creative comedy minds and doing 180 on them as she pilfers their funny lines---smiling all the while into the camera---building, always building, her resume into a legendary domain.

I spoke to my Rabbi about this---how SNL stole my whole Tiger Woods golf concept without so much as a twinge of conscience---and nary a mention of me as the original writer.

the Rabbi thought about this for a moment--and being the wise man that he is--looked into my eyes with 5000 years of Jewish wisdom racing through his brains and said: "ahh, eat some pickled herring and a chopped liver sandwich, have a good belch , you'll feel better---and don't expect too much justice in this life---that's why we have a heaven-----OK, boychik?"

so I'm taking the Rabbi's advice---and I'm letting go.
but the pain still lingers.
Tina could have emailed me---at least something:
a Thank You maybe--
just a plain simple "thank you."

(the pollenator)

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stanley jerry hoffman

ps: I did get on the show with Justin Bieber, though.
who knows---maybe they needed me to cover his back!