Friday, February 12, 2010


we are only free

as our minds

wish us to be

but TIGER--to get something off my liberal chest--I know you're not a racist--so how come only white girls?---you only had sex with white girls--14 of them!---not a black girl in the group!---this entire sexual ensemble was blackless!---I looked and looked--nope--only white faces.

I feel bad, TIGER, because look at the money these white girls are making selling their stories to mags--TV--tabloids--cable--satellite--and anywhere else our system smells a buck.
they are gonna get rich!---WHITE GIRLS getting rich sleeping with TIGER!

so spread the wealth---the least you could have done is offer your services to a couple of your brothers--I mean sisters.
they could use the money too!---probably come from poor neighborhoods---and with your escapades in hand--gosh--they could sell them for a few hundred thousand---get a good life going---buy a home---raise a family---and be forever grateful to the one and only TIGER WOODS for helping them get a fresh start in life!

so the next time, TIGER, if you still insist on dalliances and illicit sex in the fast lane--please give a couple of black girls a chance to cash in on all of the notoriety!---spread it around---don't be selfish.

remember, TIGER, give--and ye shall receive!---and you will have two of the most faithful, loyal fans you will ever have in your life---they'll believe in you forever!

now that's what I call disposable income serving a good cause!