Thursday, December 17, 2009

steve lopez contest re manny the dodger

steve lopez gives up on manny and his world series tickets---contest was 50 words or less about the anger steve felt about manny and how he let the dodger team down...winner to get 2 world series tickets which never happened---I sent entry in but I did it in rap form---

Mannywood baseball---slipped into freefall
we gave you love and hugs--you gave us lies and drugs
a sensation--on female medication
devoid--of steroid--paranoid--your hustle lost its
manly muscle--unglued--fans booed--your once
exalted place--Manny--get a
Nanny--and wipe disgrace off your face!!!

a winner--right? nope-- not even a word from steve--but tell me---it was
good enough to win--wasn't it?


Friday, December 11, 2009

fast thought:

like gm-ford-bank of america--city group--AIG---is tiger woods TOO BIG TO FAIL!
more later

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

chapter one

hi world: welcome to my new friend--the BLOGOSPHERE--of KWAYZAR! ---in a nanosecond, Cyberspace gave me a miracle--and a renewed sense of independence---at last, my very own DIGITAL BULLYPULPIT-----the goals are limitless---and so the Saga begins--in a space vaster than the Universe------INNERSPACE-----The Chronicles of Kwayzar---the Neural Starship--SEEKER----Chapter One---and a constant reminder to the crew-------
what if the universe was only one giant thought!


Friday, December 4, 2009

The Genie Is Out

Hi world---here's my first blog---the genie is out of the bottle---genie-- aka KWAYZAR!---KEEPER OF THE KEYS TO BRAVE NEW WORLD---so join the world's only senior rapping caucasian as the rappin' pied piper leads the new followers 0f C21 into musical truth and a mass of exageration and theoretical bull! fasten your seat belts--it's gonna be a bumpy ride --yo--and a ton of laughs.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Video: Kwayzar Interview

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Stanley "Kwayzar" Hoffman at the age of 80, the world's oldest professional rapper. Kwayzar's sincere interest and desire to be in the entertainment industry began at the early age of 4. During his teenage years, his mother enrolled him into Hollywood High School because of the passion he had for becoming an entertainer. After graduating high school, Kwayzar took a break from pursuing his Hollywood dream to join the United States Navy, where he traveled to many places including Guam to protect our country.

In 1951, Kwayzar relocated from Los Angeles, CA to Kansas City, MO where he began to work in various clubs performing comedy acts. However, before returning back to Los Angeles, Kwayzar met a young woman by the name of Delores who remains his wife today. Upon returning home, Kwayzar immediately began to redefine his comedy acts by mixing music and lyrics into every one of his performances. It was in 1993 when Kwayzar really found his love and desire to write rap music and perform. Some of his favorite rap artists include: Eminem and Ice Cube.

The Vote of a Lifetime? by Kwayzar

Kwayzar's interest in writing lyrical rap music and savvy for poetry and politics inspired him to write a song called The Vote of a Lifetime in support of Barack Obama's campaign for the 2008 Presidential Election.

While attending a session during his poetry class, Kwayzar was asked to teach members of his class how to write rap music since he was most familiar with that genre of music. As such, Kwayzar decided to write a current event rap to best show the class how it was done. He started with only four lines and while performing the song to the class, the class became more interested in the topic and decided to add more lines and build upon what Kwayzar started. It took Kwayzar four to five weeks to finalize the song which became a great hit for not only his poetry class but for everyone who heard it.

After finalizing the song, Kwayzar decided that he wanted to record his music. After many searches to find a recording studio and for someone to patiently work with him to build the song to where he wanted it to go, Kwayzar found Dondiel Smith at Kollaborator Productions. The studio was located near a local market where he and his wife shops on a regular basis. Being the inspired and motivated person that he is, Kwayzar went in and demanded to meet with Dondiel. The relationship began at that point and still continues today.

When asked why Barack Obama's campaign, Kwayzar stated that he is most interested in what Barack stands for and have been a member of the Democratic party for many years. In particular, he expressed interest and support of topics as embryotic stem cell research (being a cure of all cures) and universal health care. In writing the rap he wanted to make it more human and personal hoping that it would inspire every listener who hears it to vote for Obama for not only the vote of a lifetime but the CHANGE OF A LIFETIME!!!!! Each verse was written with a special touch of class and lyrical art.