Saturday, April 17, 2010

SNL-Tina Fey stole my Blog on Tiger Woods--propo 1

Last Sat. night --April 10, 2010--I'm watching SNL and imagine my surprise--here's 2 cast members and Tina Fey doing a golf sketch about TIGER WOODS and how he couldn't help doing what he did sexually with all those girls because it wasn't his fault.
No!---Tina says it wasn't TIGER'S fault--it was the language of golf that was the villain!---all those golf expressions and words with sexy, dirty meanings.-----that's what drove TIGER off the edge.
those deep, subliminal messages constantly banging on him--no willpower left to fight the daily onslaught intimidating his right hemisphere--and TIGER became a helpless pawn in this seemingly quiet, innocent, yet pernicious game--a victim of golf brainwashing!

it's all there in "TIGER WOODS--TOO BIG TO FAIL--part 5"
on my Blog :

so when I saw the SNL sketch I saw shocked, hurt, sad, and yet happy that I was good enough for Tina Fey--who I really do adore--to commit verbal theft--semantic burglary--idea plagiarism--and show the world that I AM A GOOD WRITER!---and the best part--I didn't have to beg anyone to do it like most writers.

so thank you Tina--and your cohorts--and Lorne Michaels---who would have ever thought I'd get my 15 minutes of fame on SNL--for a comedy blog I did on Tiger Woods (albeit a very quiet
15 minutes of fame).

it's a feather in my unemployed hat---and I console myself with a line I have in my rap video now on YOUTUBE-----"Kwayzar-the Cyber Rap video"-----the line: "and take the journey"---

it's the journey,Tina Fey----- it's aways been the journey.

SNL--Tina Fey propo 2 next

(the pollenator)

KWAYZAR is a Federal TradeMark

stanley jerry hoffman


  1. The Internet is not so much a market as it is a den of thieves! You may be an Original, Mr. K. But the rest of us, or the most of us, are just here to steal from you and copy you. But God loves you, even if you don't love us!

  2. God may love me,Doc---so how come he doesn't believe in justice?
    If Ali Babba saw the internet and this DEN OF THIEVES--HE'D BE IN 7th HEAVEN?