Friday, April 30, 2010

snl and tina fey--the heist comedy gang--propo 2

I'm still waiting to hear from the notorious SNL rogues who decided that my writing humor was superior to theirs on the subject regarding TIGER WOODS and the golf brain-washing bit I published for all to read: TIGER WOODS--TOO BIG TO FAIL--PART 5 .

I can only deduce that they stole my satirical sketch on TIGER when they really needed something funny and at that moment their creative comedy minds were locked up in a mental ghetto!---with no possible way out except for the ORIGINAL who dreamed it up--- but how embarrassing to come begging for a golf concept by an unknown writer not in their funny den.

A sad commentary on ethics by the power heads who pride themselves on their originality when they steal ---without remorse---and get PAID FOR IT!---and live in peace with their dastardley deeds!

SNL--Tina Fey--propo 3 next

(the pollenator)

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stanley jerry hoffman

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  1. There is no justice in this world. (And maybe in the next, too!) I've stopped looking for such an elusive object. I'm just trying to figure out how to recognize my mistakes before they happen and to benefit from learning from them after I make them.