Thursday, December 17, 2009

steve lopez contest re manny the dodger

steve lopez gives up on manny and his world series tickets---contest was 50 words or less about the anger steve felt about manny and how he let the dodger team down...winner to get 2 world series tickets which never happened---I sent entry in but I did it in rap form---

Mannywood baseball---slipped into freefall
we gave you love and hugs--you gave us lies and drugs
a sensation--on female medication
devoid--of steroid--paranoid--your hustle lost its
manly muscle--unglued--fans booed--your once
exalted place--Manny--get a
Nanny--and wipe disgrace off your face!!!

a winner--right? nope-- not even a word from steve--but tell me---it was
good enough to win--wasn't it?



  1. Yeah, Mr. K! You said it. You can't quarrel with the results! Mann Ramirez isn't the problem with the Dodgers. It's the McCourts!

  2. you got that right, Vig! I was robbed---the country needs more Mcdonalds than Mcourts---and all that fatty hamburgers are a lot healthier than all the fat those courts wallow in---when is the movement going to start?

  3. I guess after the McCourts go to court!