Wednesday, June 23, 2010

recession?---call the rich

I'm a sardonic--laconic--platonic
animatronic--Duran Durand
head in the sand
a White House ostrich

things are so bad
I'm down to eating beans,
and I thought of a line
from the genius genes
of John Maynard Keynes

the great economist
shaking an iron fist --
in the "Paradox of Thrift"
raves and raves
and raves and raves

that if everyone saves,
everyone is poorer
from all walks of life
from the lazy
to the doer

buying Burger Kings
is bad!
pizza sad!

and cheap sloppy slurpies
and tropical shakes,
that ain't gonna do it--
we need the rich
buying diamond
encrusted cup cakes!

we need high rollers
the big ass spenders!
not little guys repairing

applaud the rich
buying a Lexus
or Mercedes!
without all that spending
we're heading
for Hades!

what's more important,
selling a bikini
or Super Rich buying
a $200,000 Lamborghini?

get all that wealth out
put it in circulation
we'll get a new start
in this debt-ridden nation

it's an absolute must
without wealthy spending,
we'll all go bust!
now who do you trust?
I rest my case!

(the pollenator)

KWAYZAR is a FederalTradeMark



  1. We need the rich paying more taxes, IMO! Paying their share!

  2. Send me your telephone number, Mr. K? I'll check in on you Saturday!

  3. Hey it's Quasar! Not that kwayzar thingy!

  4. thanks doc--i need all the back-up I can get!
    it's kwayzar---KWAYZAR!
    Quasar---how so old and quaint!
    get with it, vladimir


    thanks doc--I need all the back-up I can get
    Quasar with a Q---how quaint!
    get with it, vladimir!

    (the pollenator

    (the pollenator)

  5. thanks doc---I need all the back-up I can get!
    and Vladimir--drop the Q from Quaser--it is so prehistoric! get with the future!

    K man!---KWAYZAR!