Sunday, November 1, 2009

Congressman/Rapper Bill Otto (GOP)

Rep. Bill Otto, R-LeRoy, will be posting a new video on YouTube next week.

But unlike his recent controversial "redneck rap" that criticized the policies of President Barack Obama, the new video will feature a rap highlighting positive actions the president has taken and Otto's shared vision of an America described by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The newer rap will go like this:

Yo Barack, I want to thank you man

For helping my seniors all you can

One time money helps the poor just the same

A percent gives the rich more, so that would be lame

Thank you for given the poor more time

So they could still watch free T.V. and not spend a dime.

I feel for your bro, your job is real tough

With a congress like we got life can be tough

Bush was the R and fought Pelosi and Reid

But you got to live with them cause they got a D.

Will Rodgers said many years ago

Democrats an organized partly? NO

But "some where I read that we all should be free." And

Some where I read that should include me.

So people who dis you and do not agree

Are just not racist and that includes me.

I share a Dream, where people are fairly judged

For the color of your skin you should not be smudged

If you hate me for my hat that's up to you

I can't say I'm sorry cause I share the dream too.

Otto is still trying to talk himself out of his 1st Anti-Obama Rap posted on You Tube. I'm not going to give it any dignity by posting it here!

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